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Safari with the best CSS3 support, IE ruining it for everyone again

Once in a while I go read up on CSS3, then I get frustrated that it’s not a standard yet because it’s so great.

Today I decided to run’s selectors compatibility test. Not that I needed confirmation but, obviously, the (still large), installed base of IE6 around the world is mucking things up for everybody else.

The test is here:

Safari (3.1.2), performed the best passing all the tests. Firefox (3.0), a bit to my surprise – it being so recent and all – only supported 36 of the 43 selectors tested but it was Internet Explorer 6, which I tested because it’s still the standard installed browser on workstations at where I work passed only 10 of the 43 selectors tested.

And, get this, it passed all the #id tests but it failed one of the .class tests! IE6 doesn’t even fully support .class which is the basic CSS selector.

I’d still like to test IE7 and Opera, but I don’t have them right now. I’ll check later and update.

In the meanwhile, we’d better sit down, if we’re waiting for CSS3 to “come out”.


Firefox 3 almost out: get ready to beat a world record

FF3 is almost ready to come out with over 14 thousand improvements over FF2, already one of the best web browsers out there.

The community is aiming to attempt to beat a world record with this one: let’s make it the most downloaded software ever, in 24 hours. You can go to the Spread Firefox site right now and pledge your download; give them your e-mail address to receive a reminder when the download becomes available.

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Show me more!

Ever stumbled upon a loose image with a numbered filename and wanted to find more? Ever spent hours manually editing URLs from image0023.jpg to image0024.jpg, image0022.jpg, and so on, to see all images in a batch until you got a ‘not found’ response? Here’s an example.

That can truly be a pain. But no more. All you need is Firefox and Show me more.

Show me more is a Firefox extension that gives you three very powerful buttons: you can see the previous image in a numbered image series, the next one or all of them, opened up in a popup window.

You can download the extension here.

It still doesn’t have an auto-update feature (to be done), so be sure to check back for updates.