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SHiFT stands for Social and human ideias for technology; it’s a conference taking place in Lisbon, organized by portuguese people, about technology humanization and its social and comunication components.

I had the privilege to attend SHiFT, yesterday, and witness a well organized and, above all, very interesting event. I was most impressed with the design-centered vision that’s already a reality, especially in the United States; the way in which design is perceived as a complete discipline contrasts with the still prevailing portuguese vision of designers as “those doodling guys”.

Maybe the future can finally bring an appropriate place for design in the value creation process within modern companies. The current internet-based comunication and social interaction technologies represent a unique opportunity for designers to, once again, have a fundamental role, not only in the visual and ergonomic creation, but also in the implementation of production strategies and product and systems optimization.I still nurture the idea that someday, in a product meeting, someone will suggest “let’s have a new idea”, instead of “let’s see what everyone else is doing”. We need to hear a cry of “Eureka” in Portugal.

This post was originally written in portuguese, and published in Macacos sem galho.

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