Science machine

Chad Pugh created an illustration for Vimeo, called “Science machine”. It’s a highly graphical representation of all sorts of science related themes and items: factories, offices, oceans, planets, animals, microbes, cells, skin, etc.

It’s all beautifully linked together in a vector-based layout made with Adobe Illustrator. The work was done over a period of several months, and Pugh reckons the total physical time spent drawing in Illustrator was about 40 hours, plus another 40 for concept and some more for getting it ready for printing.

To make it even more interesting, the artist had an application take screenshots of his computer, every five seconds, which resulted in a nearly 19 minute video of the entire process in time-lapse. There’s also an accelerated version, which I’ll embed for your viewing pleasure; if you prefer to watch the full 19-minute montage, it’s available on Vimeo.

Chad also sells prints of his amazing work, and you can check that out on his portfolio website. And now, with no further ado, here’s the time-lapse creation of “Science machine”.

Science Machine from Chad Pugh on Vimeo.

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