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M5 Clock font

I’ve been hard at work on the new graphical interface for the SAPO Messenger project. Since it’s being re-designed from the ground up, almost nothing (if anything, really…), is being used from the previous version.

In keeping with that philosophy, I decided to design a simple bitmap font for the call clock. The call clock is basically a time counter that shows you how long you’ve been in a call. This is important because some calls cost money (although most are free), and it’s in your best interest to keep an eye on the duration.

I designed a very simple square dot-based number set, from 0 to 9, plus a colon to act as a separator. The clock will be placed over a little imitation-LCD display I created in Photoshop and it will be possible to change the background color (more on that closer to launch date…).

I think the font will work well, although I haven’t yet seen it running. Here’s a sample:

M5 Clock Font

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