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Google logo

Google logo

Google has become a household name. More than that, Google has become a verb. The company is so recognizable in fact, that nobody really notices it has a rather bad logo.

The Google logotype seems to have been made by an amateur with Photoshop and a bit of time in his hands. Yet, its high level of recognition doesn’t really invite a redesign.

Here’s what I don’t like about it:

  • Excessively decorated serif font that really doesn’t match the company’s simple and clean-cut interface design
  • Seemingly random choice of colours. It’s almost blue, red and yellow, but then the “l” is green. The blue and red appear on two letters, but the yellow and green don’t. It doesn’t really seem to make sense and it’s too saturated.
  • Really cheesy drop shadow that seems to have been applied using Photoshop’s default settings.
  • Equally cheesy and exaggerated embossing effect that really doesn’t fit well with the font style used. The type being thin and elegant, the embossing being crude and “fat”.

It’s no surprise, then, that the commemorative illustrated logos work so well. It’s a good idea, the illustrations are generally nice and really improve an otherwise poor logo.

I’d be really curious to see Google order a logo redesign. I’d say it’s quite a task to keep the company’s public recognition while improving the logo.

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