Design for life is a blog about design, art and illustration, written by Pedro Couto e Santos… that would be me.

I’m a 34 year-old man (in case you don’t understand portuguese names), and a designer, working mainly for internet and new media applications. I currently work for SAPO, which is Portugal’s leading internet brand, portal, search engine and DSL provider. For almost three years, I’ve dedicated myself almost exclusively to SAPO’s instant messenger: a Jabber-based client for Windows and Mac.

Within this project I’ve designed the Windows client’s version 3, which then spun off into version 4 with only minor design fixes. Version 5 is now on the verge of being released as a public alpha and it includes a total redesign of the graphical interface. I’ve also tweaked the original Cocoa interface of the Mac client, to give it a nicer look and a better usability, besides, of course, bringing it closer to the brand’s image.

In the course of this single project I’ve also created dozens upon dozens of illustrations, icons and emoticons and I feel it’s helped my drawing skils a great deal.

“Design for life” was an old project of mine, and it’s still in its early stages as time is not overly abundant to me right now. In the future, I’d like to write a great deal more about art and design, about social design as opposed to the current view of design as something for the elite and I’d also like to include some tutorials I feel I can contribute to the community.

If you want to contact me you can do so via e-mail using pedrocs[at]gmail[dot]com, obviously substituting the words in brackets for their respective characters, thus proving you’re not a spamming bot 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

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