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Journal :: June 2005
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01.06.2005 (wed)
I wanted to sleep late but my neighbours don't let me. There's was loud techno music playing downstairs before 9 AM. So I got up, had breakfast, checked my email, and since there was nothing new decided to play some more Port Royale 2. I've decided to try the free game and see if I can manage to stay clear of battles.

At lunchtime I watched the movie 'Spartan' by David Mamet and liked it very much. They don't explain much and you have to put the pieces together as you go but it makes the movie more interesting.
I also liked the image of these career soldiers as they really are: trained killing machines who will do pretty much anything, killing, breaking arms and gauging your eyes out in order to achieve a goal, and finding it all quite acceptable because they're just following orders. It's a lot more realistic to me than the 'they're heroes' notion. After all that kind of training and discipline is meant to beat the humanity out of you so you can do as you're told without thinking.

At 6.30h I met my parents at the coffee shop downstairs and we talked for a while till hubby came home.
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02.06.2005 (thu)
Alex kicked me awake at a little past 7 today. I had to get up and go eat something.
Then I went back to bed, put my feet up and read for a while. My feet are swelling up like mad every single day and it's not even proper summer yet. I don't know what I'm going to do by the time we get to August.

I got up at 11 to tidy up the flat and then went out to the bank and to do some other monthly errands. One of these took about an hour - I hate bureaucracy - and it was so hot in the registrar's office that I was feeling dizzy. But since I was sitting down it went away after a while.

On the way home I tripped twice and stepped on a hole, thus twisting my ankle. I REALLY hate the pavement here, made from these irregular cubes of different sizes that make the pavement all uneven and accident prone. Plus a lot of these stones have a tendency to not be there, so if you don't look at the ground the whole time, chances are you're going to step in a gap. I can completely understand why people with prams use the road instead of the sidewalk, even though it seems foolish and dangerous. Why can't they at least fill the gaps between the stones with cement or something to make it a bit more even? I wish I could sue...

When I got home I was in a rotten mood and panting from the heat. Good thing the AC was on in the office. I had to go out once more but it was quick. Then I sat at my desk and took care of the rest of the stuff I could do from home. I was done by half past four.
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03.06.2005 (fri)
Why does hair suddenly decide to completely change, out of nowhere? I never had completely straight hair but it was mostly straight and then it just had a little kink at the end. Now it's totally wavy and that makes it really tough to keep under control.
I bought an electric device to straighten it but it takes a while to do and I don't always have the patience. So mostly I just tie it and forget about it.
But why did it decide to change now? What the hell happened? And I'm not the only person it happens to. My friend Carla had spaghetti straight hair and suddenly at thirty-something it also started to get wavy. First it was only here and there and then it spread. Likewise, one of my cousins had straight hair all though her childhood and when she turned 12 or something it became completely curly. It was a pretty dramatic change, I can tell you. So hair seems to have a personality of its own somehow. It's really annoying.

And talking about hair, I have to change my shampoo and since I've always tried to buy products that are not tested on animals I decided to make a list of all the brands I can think of from my local supermarket and then find out if they're tested or not.

The conclusion so far is that I can't buy almost anything if I stick to the rules. I'm sure americans have lots of alternative brands but in my corner of the world there's a limited selection of available products and they all seem to belong to the big corporations that continue to do animal tests. And to make it even more difficult, you find the same companies on the do and don't test lists according to different websites so it makes it impossible to make a choice and be sure it's the right one.

For certain kind of products there is no choice whatsoever. The worst is cat food - there isn't a SINGLE BRAND of cat food that I can find in the shops that does not belong to a company who tests on animals. What am I supposed to do exactly? Stop feeding them? Start cooking for them myself? Come on!

Plus, the few products I have tried that are supposed to be eco friendly and so on sometimes just aren't any good. What's the point of buying detergent that doesn't wash properly? It's a real pain to figure this out....

And then there are several products I can find no information whatever about because they're local and therefore not on the American or UK lists.

Also, once in a while I'll try a brand and find out I really like a certain product and then go search and find that it's a company that does tests. It's just so deflating. Especially when you've tried several brands and none of them work as well.
The last time it happened was with my face wash. Since I got pregnant I've been having really oily skin, so I bought Shiseido's Pureness deep cleansing foam and it's wonderful - it washes the skin perfectly and leaves no film over it. But since they're Japanese they do tests (one of the sites said it was government required in Japan but I have no idea if that's true). Anyway, now I have to decide if I give it up and settle for another product that I don't feel works as well or say the hell with it and go on buying the stuff.
Knowing me I'll probably stop buying it and go back to Nivea or something but it stings a bit.

So I'll buy the alternatives of the kind of products that have any, but for the rest I guess I have to continue to do the wrong thing and give money to those greedy sadists whether I want to or not.

At night we went out to buy shoes. Because my legs and feet are now swelling beyond belief I can't wear some of my regular shoes so I went looking for something comfortable and found a nice pair. It has an elastic on top, which worries me a bit because of the issue of circulation, but hopefully it won't be tight enough to cause problems.

For some reason I cannot understand, I was feeling moody all evening. If I didn't know better I'd say I was PMSing. I hope it goes away soon because I see myself getting angry and I want to stop it but I can't.
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04.06.2005 (sat)
The first couple of pregnancy pants don't really fit me anymore. It's understandable because they were from 3 to 6 months and I'm now approaching 26 weeks, but I feel like I didn't wear them more than a couple of times. I should have just gone with the 'wearing a tent' look and be done with it.

I've put up some pictures of my growing belly on the photo section. I started taking pictures pretty early - around 11 weeks - and for a while nothing happened. And now, from one week to the next it's such a huge change I can scarcely believe it.
I don't have the typical pregnant belly (yet anyway) because I always had a very pronounced waistline so even while the belly was growing it would still cut in half at the waist instead of expanding as a whole from top to bottom and the fatty bits don't help either.

I'm feeling very unattractive by this point and my self esteem is hitting a low point. I've had nausea, heartburn or indigestion every single day for the past 5 months and I can't even begin to explain how awful it is. And now with the swelling, the fact that I'm starting to look like a balloon and clothes are getting too tight once more, I'm getting tired more rapidly, my back has been hurting more and more when I have to walk or even when I just try to lie down straight and all those annoying little things, I just want it to be over.

And I was expecting all these things - you hear about them and read about them. But nobody told me I might pee myself accidentally when I sneeze, for example. I would think that is important information since such an accident in a public place can lead to utter humiliation. That's what I get for reading books written by men...

And then I realise that the worst is yet to come - it doesn't start to get really uncomfortable till the third trimester!
I'm never going through this again, I can tell you. I figure I've done my biological duty and the shop is now closed.

My inlaws came over in the afternoon to see the baby bed and brought some baby shoes and diapers (I guess it's impossible to stop shopping for the kid :) ). After they left we went for a stroll at the beach followed by a trip to the mall to pick up some photos that were supposed to be ready today. All I can think when I look at these pictures is 'I'm so fat!!!!!!'
I live in constant fear of never being able to return to my former self.
I have to update the photo section of the site but I've been feeling so bad about the way I look I don't really feel like it. And I know a few of the pics look OK but I'm going to have to start being VERY selective and I don't like it. It feels like censorship.
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05.06.2005 (sun)
We stayed home today, mostly cause hubby was feeling anxious and acting very much like he used to before medication.
Since I had started some cross stitch a few weeks ago and have to try and keep my feet up while I'm sitting, I did that and watched movies all day.
I was pretty comfortable and would get up once in a while and do something else like stuffing clothes in the washer, doing my weekly deep skin cleansing or doing something on the mac (apart from the frequent trips to the bathroom, obviously) but my back hurt the entire time anyway. it looks like this is stage 3: the swelling, my right hip keeps hurting, probably because everything is expanding, and now my lower back hurts non stop.
I was expecting this, actually, because I've always had back pain. My spine curves forward a bit more than it should and so what is sitting up straight for most people doesn't quite work for me. To do abs I have to lift my feet up in the air in order to get my back to come in contact with the mat and to do the same in a chair there is a lot of slouching involved or I'll need to place a pillow behind me. So this part is going to be hell.
I had noticed that I wake up with back pain but I just assumed I was sleeping in a weird position or something. Now I know that's not it. Looks like it's time to start sleeping with lots of pillows.

At night we finished watching the Thin Blue Line and then talked for a long while before going to sleep.
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06.06.2005 (mon) - 26 weeks
I woke up in pain. I can't find a comfortable position to sleep in.
I had noticed that I wake up with back pain but I just assumed I was sleeping in a weird position or something. Now I know that's not it. Looks like it's time to start sleeping with lots of pillows.
I tried it for a bit and it seems to help: one on my back, one under the belly and another between the knees. My question is: what happens when I want to turn around? I know I'm supposed to sleep on my left side to help circulation, but I can't stay like that the whole night!

Jones was vomiting this morning and I think he was feeling a bit low because he came to sleep on my desk for a while. He still has his baby moments when he comes over to head-butt me and suck on my clothes for a bit in the morning but he's a lot more independent now and I rarely see him the rest of the day. But today he seemed to need a bit of comfort. Then he started feeling better and left to look for a nice spot with a bit of sunshine.

Today I've decided to start organizing photographs. I bought a new album and it gives me something to do. As much as I enjoy living stress free since I stopped working it also makes me feel a bit useless at times and so I need to come up with little projects to be able to get through the days without falling into a depressed mode. I guess it's true - people are never happy no matter what.
Not that the not working is something official - I just finished the work I had and I'm not taking on any new ones cause I'm afraid they wouldn't be done before my due date, so the only tasks I have are mainly administrative at this point and hardly enough to fill my days.

My Buffy doll arrived today. It's always weird to see dolls made from real people. She does resemble SMG but looks much older, her eyes are really wide and the face and hands are much darker than the rest of the body. Apart from that I have no complaints :)
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07.06.2005 (tue)
I had the worst night. I tried the whole 'being surrounded by pillows' thing I'd read about that's supposed to help with the back pain but I ended up spending the whole night moving around trying to find a comfortable position and failing miserably. I think my bed is too small for two people and a bunch of pillows.

I also have lots of trouble breathing. Not so much because of the weight of the belly, which is starting to show itself but is still not critical, but because my nose gets blocked every time I lie down and there's nothing I can do about it. I try avoiding nose drops because I'm avoiding all possible medication, but even when I give in because I'm desperate, it doesn't really work anyway. Don't know why exactly. It always used to.

I was forced to get up because someone rang the bell (it was a mail delivery) and spent the rest of the morning feeling really tired and a bit teary as well.

My mother keeps insisting that I should be doing the birth preparation exercises on a daily basis and I tried telling her that whenever I lie down on my back I can't breathe and my stomach starts to hurt but she does her normal thing of completely ignoring what I've just said and insisting once more. It all goes back to when I was a kid, going to school freezing to death in January because my mother insisted that I wore skirts, and whenever I said I was cold she'd just go 'oh, don't think about it'. Who needs bullies when you've got parents like that?

The thing I hate is that I'm starting to feel that the next three months are going to be nothing but uncomfortable and reason for me to moan a lot. I hate that! But I have to moan anyway because I need to keep a fairly truthful record in case I even get the unreasonable and moronic urge to go through this again.

I didn't do much all day because I kept feeling dizzy whenever I would get up so I just put movies on, put my feet up and continued organizing the photo album.

At night we had to go shopping again but it was a bit uncomfortable because hubby was feeling rather poorly again. And when I got home and took my shoes off I noticed how some of the veins on my feet looked like they were about to explode so I decided to start taking medication for that. I had been avoiding it because I want to take as little drugs as possible for obvious reasons. I mean, if I'm not even wearing nail polish these days, taking pills seems rather excessive. But now I feel it's better than having my veins burst.
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08.06.2005 (wed)
This morning I had breakfast, had my groceries delivered and then spent the rest of the day working. I guess the whole 'I've stopped working now' thing is always going to be in theory only.
So instead of keeping my feet up to avoid swelling, I had to sit at my desk all day. That is not good...

But apart from the usual unpredictable problems things worked out OK so I can't complain too much.

I think it's fascinating the way I always write more on days I didn't have to work all day. To me the logic would be that since I was busy I'd have more to talk about but that's not true. What can I say about work? Describe every task? It would be extremely boring. Plus it's never a good idea to say too much about your job online, especially because when you want to write it's usually to complain and that is the wrong thing to do if you want to keep your job, clients, co-workers, whatever. So all the stress, concentration, frustration or sense of accomplishment is usually boiled down to one sentence. Feels Weird.

But it just makes me feel that I'm right when I feel humans were not meant to spend every waking hour working in an office doing the same kind of thing everyday, worrying constantly about deadlines, pressure from you boss or your clients and so on. It's like we stop being human and start acting like machines whose only purpose is to do our tasks. Which is why when I start having some free time I rediscover how much I like doing something or start having thoughts I didn't know I had in me anymore.
We're supposed to be evolved but what are we really doing to ourselves? It seems so stupid sometimes.
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09.06.2005 (thu)
After breakfast and chores I decided to finally erase all the extra websites I had been developing for years. It still stings a bit because I remember all the work that went into it but I don't update them anymore, quite honestly I don't really care much about them and it was starting to feel like dead weight, like in the back of my mind I always felt there was something I should be doing that I wasn't.
So it's over.

As for screengazing, it was a nice thought but I think I made it too ambitious and complex. Plus, I was supposed to have people helping me out and that never happened, so half of the fun of it was over before it even started.
It was a nice learning experience, in terms of adapting a layout to movable type so I don't think it was a complete loss, but I'm not a journalist and if I want to say something about a movie I can write it here.

I am, however, considering redesigning this site to make it more flexible but I don't know how long that will take.
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10.06.2005 (fri)
Since it's a national holiday hubby stayed home from work today. We went to the park for a bit because he wanted to jog and I took my book and sat under a tree, by the pond, reading. A pillow would have been nice but apart from that it was very pleasant.

Then we went shopping at later hubby started cooking for tomorrow. He did chili and a couple of deserts. I just melted the chocolate.
It's a bit strange because I love chocolate but I'm not actually feeling terribly tempted by the brownies and chocolate cake. They taste good but I don't have the craving for this sort of thing that I used to.

The cooking took quite a long time and soon it was midnight, so I gave him my present. I got him the camera he had been lusting after for a year now. I hope he likes it.
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11.06.2005 (sat)
Happy birthday Pedro!

So it was hubby's birthday today. We grabbed the food the was prepared last night and walked over to my in-laws' flat. My mother-in-law was up since six in the morning preparing for lunch. Personally I think she's a bit mad for doing this sort of thing but it goes with the highly organized mind.

We finished the cake and then hubby helped with the chinese food. I had to put my legs up for a bit cause I was starting to swell up.
Lunch was a bit late, and I had to snack a bit to keep me from getting too starved, but it was lively as ever. My family always strikes me as very distant and formal compared to my husband's, which is probably why I don't necessarily enjoy my family gatherings that much. I feel more as an outsider surrounded by those people who know me since I was born than in this room full of people who only know me cause Pedro happened to marry me. It's pretty weird.

I also saw all the pictures my in-laws took on their trip to China. Some of it was really beautiful.
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12.06.2005 (sun)
In the morning I saw 'Connie and Carla'. It's funny enough, even though I think it has a bit too many musical numbers and the story isn't exactly original. From Victor Victoria to Priscilla Queen of the Desert, it's all been done before.

We spent most of the afternoon watching the movie 'Alexander'. It was my mother's present for Pedro's birthday because of the title.
It's not great but it's not as bad as I feared either and it made us think about the way history is taught in such a boring way sometimes. In a sense, and despite the inevitable historic inaccuracies that this sort of movie tends to have, I think it's a good way to make people think about certain historic periods and maybe feel like reading up on it a bit more. I've always supported using movies in class because the visuals help people remember.
On the downside, I think Colin Farrell with blonde hair was a really bad choice. Why did he have to be blond anyway?
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13.06.2005 (mon) - 27 weeks
Bloody useless day.
We were supposed to go to the movies but hubby overslept. When he woke up he was all anxious and moody so we ended up doing nothing for most of the day.

Finally, towards the end of the day we did something I've been desperate to do since the heat started: dismantle the table and set up a comfy chair outside our room in the nearest thing to a garden I can have in an apartment. It's nice to go out there and read at the end of the day. it feels almost like being outside, and I need that after being home all day.

At night I watched Lost and Desperate Housewives on Fox. They played 3 episodes of DHW in a row and I almost missed them because I wasn't expecting it. Why do they do that sometimes? Is it just to confuse people?
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14.06.2005 (tue)
I went out 3 times today. They were really short walks, quite close, but my legs started hurting regardless. I am now officially out of shape. I can walk straight but if I have to go slightly up-hill, even for five minutes, my muscles start complaining right away. And walking has never really bothered me before. It was the only thing I could actually do. It just ads to the feeling of uselessness.

At lunchtime I watched the pilot episode for Dempsey and Makepeace. I remember watching that show as a kid and it's fun to see it again 20 years later.

As for the rest of the day, I just felt like a zombie. I haven't been sleeping well at night and somehow I can't sleep during the day so I just walk around like I've been drugged or there's something constantly tugging at my eyelids.

At 5.30 I gave up and finished my book before finally giving in and deciding to lie down for a while. That didn't last cause hubby called about half an hour later to tell me to get ready so we could go to blockbuster and deliver a movie.
I rented tons of movies - one that I've wanted to see for a while and a couple others starring Willem Dafoe.
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15.06.2005 (wed)
I had to do more blood tests today, this time to check for gestational diabetes. It's a bit worse than usual because they draw blood then give you this sweet water thingy to drink and then you have to wait an hour before they draw blood again.
I tried going for a walk but there aren't any interesting spots around there and all the shops were still closed.
I was finally done at half past 10 and feeling a bit dizzy by now. I ate a couple of biscuits I had brought with me and walked home. Then I had a proper breakfast and watched 'Finding Neverland' and cried my eyes out. I'm so sensitive to mushy movies lately it's unbelievable. I don't even know why I'm crying. I just do.

My hands feel incredibly swollen - it's the feeling more than the look of it that bugs me. It's going to be a rotten summer because of all this. I just feel like making some kind of gloves and socks out of ice to at least help with this feeling of constant heat in my joints.
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17.06.2005 (fri)
I had read about insomnia being one of the possible symptoms during pregnancy but didn't really care much because I've always slept like a log and was sure to be safe from that. Unfortunately last night proved to me that when it comes to pregnancy symptoms you're never safe.

I had dinner, watched some TV and then went to bed at around 11.30 PM. Hubby and I talked for a while, I read for a while longer and then tried to go to sleep. It took me a while because the baby was thrashing about and it's a lot more than a slight bump here and there, but I eventually fell asleep around 1AM.

About and hour and a half later my stomach was hurting so bad that I woke up. I tried sitting up in bed instead of lying down because it usually helps, took some anti-acid and tried to rest but I can't sleep in that position. So between the stomach, the kicking, the unbearable heat and not being able to get comfortable, a couple of hours went by which allowed me to fall asleep for 10 minute periods here and there but no more. I eventually gave up trying around 4AM and went to the livingroom. I watched TV and tried to get comfortable on the sofa but it wasn't till 6 AM, when there was already daylight, that I felt it was safe enough to go back to bed. I slept till 9 then got up. Went back to bed after hubby left for work but got a call soon after ten so that was it.
Oddly enough I'm not feeling as sleepy as some of the other days when I wake up several times but end up sleeping for longer periods of time. Weird.

I had breakfast and watched 'The Reckoning'. I didn't feel like having lunch so I just had some cherries and played 'Luxor'. I'm stuck on level 8-4 and I don't think I'll ever get past that.

Despite the unbearable heat I went to the bank (it's always nice when someone pays) and in the afternoon I had to deal with a client that had an email problem (his computer was not configured correctly) but there was nothing else to be done.

At 5 PM I had some milk and cookies and my stomach decided it was time for another ruthless attack.

At night I went to dinner with my parents and brother. After dinner we walked around looking for a coffee shop with a free table. It was a difficult task because at this time of year everyone takes to the streets at night, but we eventually found one and talked for a while before my stomach started hurting again and I had to go home.
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18.06.2005 (sat)
We saw Sin City at lunchtime today. I didn't know exactly what to expect but I actually liked it. Visually it's really fun and the whole cast is great. Plus, they kill one main actor every 20 minutes so it's not what I'd call dull.
I haven't read the comics but from what hubby tells me they kept the stories pretty accurate, the main difference being that the character played by Jessica Alba doesn't take her clothes off :)

After the movie we did some shopping. I needed a new bag and wanted to get some product for my legs to see if it can help a bit with the swelling (even if it's just by applying a fresh substance while doing massage).

When we got home and decided to lie down for five minutes to rest, the phone started going off. It's impossible to rest in this place!

My mother-in-law came over to see if the the sheets she's been embroidering are the right size for the baby bed. She's been incredibly productive with all the baby stuff :)

At night we took a walk around town because my energy was going down again and I feel that if I give into it I'll never be able to move again. The only advantage about this time of year is that at night it's not so hot anymore so it's really pleasant outside. The downside is that the streets are full of people so there isn't that sense of privacy that I usually get when I walk around town at night.
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19.06.2005 (sun)
My body hurts all over. It feels like I've been to the gym after two years of nothing but sitting on a couch. My energy levels are way down and I really hate feeling like this.
Since I didn't have the energy for anything else, I pulled up a small sofa so I could keep my feet up and spent the afternoon doing cross-stitch.
Hubby joined me at around 6 PM and we watched Team America. It's a funny movie and it looks like it was a lot of work. I particularly liked the 80's montage song.

At night, while smearing myself with the daily dosage of moisturisers and the like, I noticed my first stretch marks. Somehow, in the back of my mind, I was hoping I could avoid those. I kept telling myself that was what all the wobbly bits were for - extra skin for when you need it. But it seems I've gone beyond that now and since it's going to keep stretching for another 3 months, I have the feeling I'll resemble a zebra by the end of it.
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20.06.2005 (mon) - 28 weeks
I've been sleeping about 5 hours a night on most days and that means I spend the day feeling like a zombie with no energy for anything. Today was no different.
I didn't get to sleep till 2 am and woke up when hubby got up and had to get out of bed as soon as he left because there was someone ringing the bell. After that I couldn't sleep anymore even when I did try to lie down for a bit.

So by 4 o'clock I decided to go out and buy some hobby materials instead so that I can at least have something to do that doesn't involve a lot of physical effort. While I was at the store I wanted to take down something from a high shelf and when I stretched up I got this sharp pain across my belly. I just don't know my limitations yet and so I keep trying to do normal stuff. I just hope I didn't tear anything.

When I got hope I put all the little bits I bought (sequins, glassbeads, velcro, etc) into the sewing boxes and then spent the next two hours separating different color glassbeads from a necklace that broke. By the end of it my head felt like it was going to burst and my neck wasn't feeling any better.

My parents came by at dinner time to drop off the mailbox key because they're going on vacation for a week and the mailbox tends to fill up in two days.
My mom's going to a doctor's convention but it's also a sort of birthday treat for her, and my father, who usually refuses to travel, has agreed to go this time so I hope they enjoy the trip.

At night I watched the usual TV shows and went to bed around one. I don't know how I could stay up so late considering how tired I was but it always seems like I wake up at night now.
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21.06.2005 (tue)
I finally slept enough and woke up fairly refreshed for a change. I watched Spooks and did some cross stitching till lunchtime. Since I wasn't hungry I just had some fruit for lunch. It's becoming a habit not to eat too much and yet I continue to gain weight.

I'm having some trouble with my email. The server changed something and it may be something to do with that because the problem is only with one email address. I just hope nothing urgent pops up today before I can fix this.
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22.06.2005 (wed)
Hubby stayed home from work today to go do all the medical stuff I had to do today. I picked up my blood tests and everything was normal and then went over to the clinic where my parents-in-law work to get a shot (because of my blood type).

In the afternoon I was home organising stuff and later in the day I had another pre-natal appointment. I am now convinced that the whole idea I had about babies being all snuggled up in the womb (like the illustrations we see in books) are complete fiction. The ultrasound showed our kid has one leg stretched all the way up to his head, the other one bent back, with the foot by his butt, one hand close to the face and the other stretched along his back. What kind of a weird position is that?
Plus, the head size is spot on for the gestation time but the legs are slightly longer than average. I have the feeling this kid is going to be big.
But I wasn't surprised since daddy has stretch marks on his hips from how quickly his legs grew.
What it means is that I doubt a lot of the baby clothes we bought are going to fit him for more than a day or two.

My weight is still above average but I don't really know why because I haven't been eating much lately. I guess it all goes back to the fact that the only way I can lose weight is by eating nothing but 3 yogurts a day or something along those lines. I seem to need a lot less calories than most people.

When we left the doctor's office we went over to the clinic where my sister-in-law works to see a nurse that does pre-natal classes. It seems a lot of it is the same that was in the book my mother gave me but it's probably very different to do it with someone else correcting your mistakes.
The classes start tomorrow and will last until the end of August.
I'm a bit stressed about it because I have to find what buses go there or take cabs and am not looking forward to that at all. Taking a bus in this heat is absolute hell.

Then hubby went to get a haircut so I sat down at a coffee shop reading Poirot while I waited. When I got tired with that I bought some socks and by then he was done so we went food shopping. This means I have to wait home all day tomorrow for the shopping to be delivered.

When I got home I rummaged through my old gym clothes to see if I could find anything that would fit. I did find some pants and a couple of t-shirts that fit so that's OK.

I still had to go out again (by this time it was 11 PM) to go over to my parents building and get their mail. They were right: the mailbox was overflowing after just a couple of days.
I dragged myself back home and sat on the sofa with my feet in some water and feeling half dead. Hubby made a lovely dinner but it was so late by then that I didn't eat anything because I didn't want my stomach to start hurting and couldn't bear to stay up until I finished digesting the food.
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23.06.2005 (thu)
In the morning I did my best to tidy-up the place and waited for the shopping delivery and the cleaning lady. By half past one none had arrived yet and I started getting a bit nervous because I still have to go out to buy bus tickets and figure out which bus I have to take later today.

To make a stressful day worse, one of my neighbours insistingly rang the bell to complain about the AC dripping on the street. I tried telling him that there was little I could do about that but he apparently stormed off and left me talking to myself.
First of all, I don't see how a little water going down the outside wall of the building can be such a big thing, and secondly, why do these things always happen when I already have other stuff on my mind?
And why don't these people ever say who they are exactly? If they're so self righteous, showing their face shouldn't be a problem, right? It makes it a bit difficult to address a complaint if you don't know exactly who is complaining. I hate cowards.

I did what I could, for the time, which is to pull the water tube inside and make it drip into a container, but that won't work as a longtime solution. And I can't turn the AC off because the computers will fry in this heat.

Why is it such hell to live in a building? Why do people immediately go for the throat instead of trying to be reasonable? It's worse than road rage!

I was getting ready to eat lunch at half past one but decided to wash the fruit we bought yesterday (because it rots if it stays in plastic bags for too long) and the basins I use to wash it in were dirty because the sink leaks occasionally. So I ended up cleaning the kitchen cupboard under the sink and everything that was stored there, followed by washing the fruit and only then did I warm up my food.
By this time the cleaning lady had arrived and as soon as I sat down to eat the shopping was delivered, so I had to wait a bit longer and put everything away first so that the kitchen floor could be cleaned. By the time I got to my food it was past 3 PM.

In the afternoon I went out to find what buses I can take to go to the pre-natal classes. Then I relaxed for an hour before taking the bus. I got there in plenty of time and was sitting in the waiting area when my mother called. She was in complete panic and wanted me to go to my grandmother's flat and check if she was OK.

Apparently some cousin of my mother's had arranged to meet my grandmother this afternoon and she had been there ringing the bell for an hour with no reply. So she called my mother and my uncle and got everyone thinking something bad may have happened and the only extra key happened to be at my parents' flat. Since my mother is out of the country this week she called me to go get the key and check on my grandmother.

So here I was, after a day of mentally preparing myself to go to these classes, which is something I don't particularly want to do, ready to start, out in the middle of nowhere, without transportation, and having to find a way to get to my grandmother's flat and figure out if there's something wrong.

I tried calling my brother but he didn't answer. I called his office and was told he was out of town on a meeting. Hubby was at work, so were my in-laws and there was nobody else. So I did all I could do - I apologised about missing the class, walked back to the bus stop and went back home, got my parents' keys, went to their place, got my grandmother's keys, got on another bus which took me halfway there (the closest I could get by bus) and walked uphill the rest of the way.
Now, since waiting for a bus takes a while and I walk as fast as a turtle, being 7 months pregnant, the whole thing took an hour to accomplish, not to mention all my energy.

Throughout I kept calling my grandmother expecting that she had just gone out and hoping she might be back but there was no answer. So when I was just about to turn the corner into her street, feeling exhausted but trying to move as fast as I could, I called my mother again to see if there were any developments. The reply I got was 'oh, everything's fine. She had just gone out.' I freaked. 'Couldn't you have told me something? Do you have any idea what I just had to go through?' After a short description she said 'oh, that wasn't necessary'
What? Is she trying to piss me off? She calls me like somebody's dying, giving complete instructions without even asking if I'm busy and then tells me it wasn't necessary?

This is the thing I hate about my mother. She's totally manipulative and then goes into complete denial. She called me and when I told her I wasn't home and what I was doing, she called my husband - to try and convince him to volunteer because she didn't think I was going to do anything. I understand that in a panic situation and unable to do anything yourself you try what you can but it really is a typical manipulative move: going through him to get to me. I feel like a fucking pawn. I feel like nobody gives a shit about how I feel, unless I'm suddenly useful for something!

And yes, I realise this is completely self-involved but I had a really shitty day and my hormones are all over the place.
I'm glad everything's alright but to be perfectly honest, while it was happening, in the back of my mind I kept thinking 'there better be something wrong or I'm going to be seriously pissed'. So now I'm pissed.

So I walked the rest of the way, talked to my grandmother, explained what happened, realised she had just got the days mixed up and thought the meeting with the cousin was only tomorrow and that was that.
My uncle arrived shortly after and drove me home.

After getting the call from my mother, where she started off by not explaining anything thus making him believe something was wrong with me, hubby came home as soon as he could. Since he left some work unfinished and there was nothing wrong, he spent the rest of the evening working from home.
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24.06.2005 (fri)
I had another rough night. I had trouble getting to sleep last night, after all the commotion but I finally managed at around half past midnight. Unfortunately I woke up an hour later with a cough and feeling like I might vomit. It took me another hour to get back to sleep only to wake up again at 6, by which time I was also starving so I got up and had breakfast. I tried going back to bed a couple of times but it didn't take.
I spent a while organizing the 150 cross stitch floss strands I have by colour according to the catalogue and tried again. This time I was almost successful but a client called and I had to go work.

Jones the cat also decided he wasn't getting enough attention so he pounced on me, missed but decided to hold on anyway by sticking his rather sharp claws into my belly. I have a pretty bloody avenue carved into me now and it's starting to look like another one of 'those days'. The gods of small annoyances strike in force once more. Maybe I should disconnect the phone, go back to bed and forget the world exists until tomorrow.

The same guy as yesterday just rang my bell again. The fucking AC isn't even turned on! The next time the bastard has the nerve to bug me about this he's going to be exposed to some seriously offensive language. And I've got the baseball bat right by the door in case he dares to come up here. I'm really getting in a murderous mood about this fucker.

I was finally able to take a nap in the afternoon and when I woke up I had some more work to do. It almost seems my clients are all in touch with each other because they all send stuff for me to do on the exact same day. How is that possible?
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25.06.2005 (sat)
We saw Batman Begins today. It was pretty much what i expected and I liked it a lot. The only thing I didn't like was the way the fight scenes were shot. It's the way it's done now, really close to the actors in a way that it's so confusing you may as well look at the ceiling till it's over because it's all just a blur.

We had pizza after the movie and then went home because I get tired real easy now and hubby had to work, which he did till 10 PM.
I kept busy by trying very hard to finish the cross stitch bear I've been working on and nearly made it.
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26.06.2005 (sun)
I finally finished the cross stitch but it took me all day. The worst part is that my back starts to hurt after a while and I have to walk around for a bit to see if I can make the pain stop. I don't think there is a comfortable position anymore. It's getting harder every day to know how to be. Before, when my back would hurt I'd bend forward but now I have this huge belly and the bending doesn't come so easily. Plus, if I bend forward or lie down my stomach starts to hurt so I end up avoiding it.
The oddest thing is that the part of my back that hurts isn't what I expected - I thought it would be my lower back, that usually hurts anyway, but it's a bit higher, just under my shoulder blades. It just seems such a weird place. Why there exactly?
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27.06.2005 (mon) - 29 weeks
Last night I did a list of the stuff I have to do this week and I got a lot done today but it took me all day. By 5 PM I couldn't take it anymore and had to stop in the middle of filing because my back was hurting so much. Besides I had to eat something because I'm supposed to eat every two hours and that rule went completely out the window today: I got up at 10 but didn't eat anything till 1 PM and then had nothing again till I stopped work at half past five.

I still had more work but sent the client an email with some questions and left it for tomorrow.

At night we had to do some shopping and since Pedro didn't get home till half past nine, we had a very late dinner. I was really tired but afraid to go to bed on a full stomach (despite the fact that my dinner consisted only of a mozzarella cheese ball and some plums).

My memory is full of holes. I made the 'to do' list that i mentioned earlier and only at night did I realised I had forgotten tons of stuff: I forgot to pick up my contact lenses, I forgot to schedule the next ultra sound and a bunch of other stuff. It's not serious because there's still time to do all of these things but it's just not like me to forget stuff like that. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever feel like myself again.
I've been feeling tired for the last 6 months and it's only going to get worse. I figured after a while I'd just get used to it and it wouldn't make a difference any more, but so far that hasn't proven to be true.
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28.06.2005 (tue)
Another work day. Nothing too stressful but it still took a while to complete.
I finished at 6 PM.

A bit before lunchtime I went out for a moment to pick up my contact lenses and despite the fact that the weather was quite mild today I still felt like it was too hot.

My father sent me a message saying that the first family baby has been born: my cousin Pedro's wife, Katian, had their baby boy last night. I don't know any details so I just hope everyone is doing well.

I fell asleep around 8 PM, for about half an hour and then called my mother to ask if the trip home had been OK.

Hubby didn't get home till a quarter past ten and he still had some more work to do when he got here, so I made him dinner and then we watched a couple of episodes of Seinfeld.
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29.06.2005 (wed)
I slept rather late today and had some work waiting for me when I got up. I had to eat breakfast while I worked while a needy Scully fought for my attention but still managed to finish at around half past twelve.

I had my first leg cramp today, something that's very common during pregnancy but hadn't happened to me yet. I blame the fact that the AC was on and will try to be more careful about that in the future.

At 4 o'clock I had a dentist appointment. I have to go back in two weeks and he fixed a tooth that I thought was fine because he misunderstood what I said (I have been told before my explanations are not particularly clear). I guess it had a little fracture but it really didn't bother me at all and now it feels weird.

Later I met my parents for tea. My in-laws had just arrived from work and were down at the coffee shop as well but they were really tired and so they left soon after.
My parents came up to the flat afterwards and my mom examined my ear and it seems there is something wrong with it and I have to do a treatment for it. It's nothing serious but it's enough to make it hurt.

I had fish and spinach for dinner and watched a bit of Seinfeld and then went to bed.
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30.06.2005 (thu)
I went out this morning to take care of the car tax (good thing I found out about it before the last day this year) and to buy the ear drops.
Then I had some work that lasted till lunchtime. Being the last day of the month there was a lot of paperwork to do and there should be more tomorrow.

I had lunch and watched CSI and then did some chores like gathering the dry clothes off the line and sweeping and washing the kitchen floor because one of the cats threw up this morning.

Sweeping the kitchen floor requires speed and agility because Jones loves to follow me around and roll around on the little piles of gathered dirt before I manage to throw them away. So I have to be quicker than him and move the dirt out of the way before he plops himself on the floor. There is no simple task in the world that can't be made a little harder by some outside interference.

After lunch I stretched my hair, went to the post office and got everything ready for the pre-natal class. I think this time I'm switching off my phone just in case. I don't want a repeat of last week - I'm tired enough already.

The class started half an hour later than expected but I was fine with that. And since it was the first one I didn't expect a full hour anyway. We did 5 exercises and next week we'll add one more. The relaxing exercise at the end is accompanied by what I called 'the verbal equivalent of electric shocks' in which the coach repeats the same 2 sentences every time you do it - first a negative sentence associated with the muscle contractions nd then a positive sentence association with the relaxation. I understand the point of it and she was very up front about it and so it wasn't ridiculous or anything but after a while I felt like laughing anyway. I kept thinking she should get a tape with that. I guess it's weirder because I'm the only person in the class so all the attention is focused on me (something I normally detest) so I just look at the ceiling and focus on the exercises and the breathing and try to forget about that.

My sister-in-law, who works at the clinic, was kind enough to wait for me and so after the class she drove me home. It was really nice of her but I hate to be an inconvenience to people just because I don't drive.
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