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I’ve been meaning to add a portfolio section to the site for quite sometime but I never had the patience to go look for a solution.

Now I finally did. I got the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin which was quite easy to install but also quite powerful. It’ll take me some time to feed all my work to the Gallery, but you can already take a peak at some stuff I’ve uploaded to test the plugin and get used to it.

Just click here or hit “portfolio” on the right navbar. You can also navigate directly to specific portfolio section such as ‘icons’ or ’emoticons’, as you can see.


Soon, I intend to add a sketch section as well.

Football frogs

As I continue to explore higher detailed icons, I’ve been having some fun redoing old emoticons. These are the representatives of the three main Portuguese football clubs: S.L. Benfica, Sporting C.P. and F.C. Porto. They are essentially the same frog, wearing the club colors in the shape of a scarf.

Football frogs

As with the Batman emoticon, I started out with a FreeHand drawing, imported into Photoshop as a smart object. Not much of the original vectorial is left as I redraw everything in Photoshop.

I believe in the flexibility of vectorial drawings, however, FreeHand is rather limited in what comes to gradients and so I’ve been exploring my options in Photoshop.

I know Illustrator is vastly better at gradients, with its mesh gradient tool. Sadly, my company has not bought me CS3 yet. I use the word ‘yet’ with some hope, you will notice.