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Show me more!

Ever stumbled upon a loose image with a numbered filename and wanted to find more? Ever spent hours manually editing URLs from image0023.jpg to image0024.jpg, image0022.jpg, and so on, to see all images in a batch until you got a ‘not found’ response? Here’s an example.

That can truly be a pain. But no more. All you need is Firefox and Show me more.

Show me more is a Firefox extension that gives you three very powerful buttons: you can see the previous image in a numbered image series, the next one or all of them, opened up in a popup window.

You can download the extension here.

It still doesn’t have an auto-update feature (to be done), so be sure to check back for updates.

Free icon editor for Windows

I have making icons for Windows, it’s always awkward and full of restrictions, but that being said, I just found a freeware application that creates Windows icons (including Vista icons), and is very nice to use.

It’s called IcoFX. I used to use Microangelo and, honestly, I find IcoFX easier to use and more powerful as it does a superb job of creating 16 color icons from 24-bit originals.

In Microangelo I always spent a bit dabbing around the 16 color versions to make them slightly more readable, but in IcoFX I hardly had to touch anything up.

Well worth a try, if you have to make an icon for Windows.